Thursday, May 13, 2010

Funny Garbage

I decided to talk about Funny Garbage today well, because I have to. But, I went to their site firstly to see what it was about, and when I found out it was a company that was dedicated to creating interfaces that were fun and user friendly I did enjoy learning more about them and seeing some of their projects. Lets get a little biography first shall we?

Funny Garbage has been around for 15 years, since 1996, and its work includes project for large Media companies, like cartoon network! (My fav, Adult swim ANDDDDD totally drama island!!!!!!) Comedy Central, CNN, others… Also, it works with cultural and non-profit institutions, like the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History… and more others… So they do all these projects, they get awards for there graphic designs…. Basically… they are the shit, up in this bitch.

The companies “core are of expertise” is changing information into “fun and easy-to-use digital experiences.” They are really good at changing info to into ridiculously good-looking sites. The goal being to make it easier for the web browser, which translates into more views on the website, hopefully.

But, this kick ass company doesn’t stop there. They know that for good graphic design you need a superb technology department, which they have! Design and Technology, like cheese and mac. (I’m not a big fan of the pbandj… I’m not gonna lie though, I did watch the show) They know that a design can’t just look good, I mean obviously some one has to use it right? But that is what makes Funny Garbage so good! Not all companies think about these things, so that is a really good trait to have.

Funny Garbage does good work. So why have they survived? Well, lets here from them: “during a time when interactive companies struggled to thrive, FG’s ability to adapt and invent, to do great work in a variety of industries and to anticipate and master new technologies, has made FG a leader in the world of media development and interface design and production.”

Funny Garbage got a break, it’s got a good list of regular costumers. It is a really good company who has constantly offered good designs and that is why people keep coming back to it. Two years after their creation, in 1998, they made an interactive online game for South Park, which is a really big television show.

But, the reality is that they are a smart company who is in tuned with the consumer. And behind them they have a solid base of people who each bring their own strength to the company, like their own CEO John Carlin.

Carlin has a unique background in both business and art. He created one of the first museum exhibitions to showcase comic and graphic novel art, showing that he has initiative and drive. His background in business and law gives him a grip on all the desk stuff that comes with being a CEO of a major company, but, his background with pop-art allows him to bring creativity and imagination into the company.

This company is always looking to better the design industry by creating something new. That is the force that should drive a really good company.

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